WEBS – новое семейство встроенных системных решений от American Portwell

Компания American Portwell Technology предлагает новое семейство встроенных системных решений WEBS. Семейство WEBS использует процессор Intel Atom, обеспечивает низкое потребление, высокую эффективность в расчете на ватт, может обходиться без вентилятора, имеет развитой интерфейс хранения и легкий доступ к данным, компактную и простую конструкцию.

American Portwell Technology introduced their new WEBS family of embedded system solutions. The WEBS family utilizes Intel’s Atom processor to deliver low power consumption, high performance-per-watt advantages, fanless design for mission-critical applications, versatile storage interface and easy data access, and a compact and user-friendly design that makes installation and maintenance a snap.
The WEBS family consists of the WEBS-2120, WEBS-1310/1320 and WEBS-3330/4330. Each member is a complete self-contained system that dispenses with the need for a custom chassis and customer concerns about heat dissipation. The WEBS family is ideal for medical, healthcare automation, automation test equipment, industrial automation, gaming, kiosk, thin-client, and digital signage markets.

The WEBS-2120 (Nano-ITX) and WEBS-1310/1320 (ECX) use Intel Atom processor Z510/Z530 and Intel System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W. WEBS-3330/4330 (Mini-ITX) are based on Intel’s Atom N270 processor and Intel 945GSE and ICH7-M chipset. The WEBS family also includes one 200-pin SO-DIMM that supports DDR2 SDRAM up to 2GB; Secure Digital Card, Type II Compact Flash and 2.5″ HDD storage. Dual display by VGA/DVI is standard in WEBS-3330 and WEBS-4330.

More info: American Portwell Embedded System Platform

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