Первый в отрасли 20 Вт стереоусилитель Class-D с цифровым входом

Texas Instruments представила первый в отрасли 20 Вт [[усилитель Class-D]] с цифровым входом с замкнутой цепью обратной связи. Архитектуры с обратной связью обеспечивают более качественный звук и более низкую стоимость систем по сравнению с обычными схемами. Микросхема TAS5706 входит в семейство TAS57xx, выпускается в корпусе QFP с размерами 10х10 мм [англ.]

Closed loop architectures produce a richer, more accurate sound and lower system cost by relaxing power supply performance requirements. Highly flexible output configurations along with intuitive support tools ease design and speed time to market for manufacturers of HDTVs, including LCD, plasma and DLP® TVs, and media docking stations.

«Industrial design and increasingly smaller form factors are becoming standard in the HDTV market, placing increasing pressure on manufacturers,» said Art George, senior vice president of TI’s high-performance analog business unit. «TI is addressing these form factor challenges with innovative products like the TAS5706, which provides a cost-efficient solution that delivers high quality audio in slim designs.»

Closing the loop in digital performance

Improving audio performance, the closed loop architecture enables the audio subsystem to have greater control over the speaker, reproducing a tighter, more accurate sound, with improved bass response. In addition, the closed loop architecture provides superior power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), which reduces power supply noise coupling into the audio band.

Better noise immunity allows engineers to design lower-cost power supplies. In fact, for LCD-TVs, a TAS5706 audio amp can be powered off the existing +24V backlight power supply, making a dedicated power rail for the audio subsystem unnecessary.

Other sound enhancements are made possible by the on-chip audio processing capabilities of the TAS5706, including dynamic range compression (DRC), a dedicated subwoofer channel for 2.1 applications, and speaker equalization (EQ). Speaker EQ adjusts the audio to compensate for low-quality speakers or for sub-optimal speaker placement and size in thin form factors.

Highly flexible platform and intuitive tools ease design and reduce development time

The TAS5706 provides flexible output configurations that allow manufacturers to use a single platform across multiple products. Stereo, quad and 2.1 output configurations are supported along with PWM headphone and subwoofer outputs.

In addition to versatile outputs, TI’s PurePathTM Studio Graphical Development Environment reduces development time and makes programming simple. For example, speaker EQ coefficients are automatically calculated by simply dragging points on the speaker response curves. Evaluation modules, application notes and other technical documents are available to facilitate rapid design cycles.

Pricing and availability

The TAS5706 is available today in a space-saving 10 mm x 10 mm QFP, SMT package from TI and its authorized distributors. The TAS5706 is priced at $5.46 in 100-piece quantities. The TAS5706 is part of TI’s TAS57xx family, and the remainder of the family will be available in 1Q2008.

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