Миниатюрные переключатели для монтажа на печатные платы волной припоя

NKK Switches прелагает две новые серии - M2T и M2B, миниатюрных тумблеров, кулисных (двухпозиционных) и кнопочных переключателей, с герметизацией исполнительного механизма, для монтажа на печатные платы волной припоя, с возможностью последующей отмывки от остатков флюса. Приборы выдерживают до 100,000 переключений, коммутируют токи до 6 А (125 В) и 3 A (250 В) в [[диапазоне температур от -30°C до 85°C]] [англ.]

NKK Switches has released its M2T and M2B series of miniature toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches. These PCB-mounted devices are washable and feature an interior bushing area that is sealed with an O-ring surrounding the actuator, which locks out contaminants and allows for wave soldering and cleaning. The bushing and top of the housing are a single-unit construction, giving added protection from cleaning fluids or other liquids. Terminals are epoxy sealed to lock out contaminants such as flux and solvents.

The switches offer an anti-jamming feature that protects the switch contact mechanism from damage due to unusual actuation force. All bracketed models have crimped legs to ensure secure PCB mounting and to prevent dislodging of the switch during automated processes. The contact mechanism is snap-acting, giving the switches a positive actuation and an audible feedback. This mechanism also gives the M2T and M2B switches an electrical life rating of 25,000 operations minimum for silver contacts. The M2T switches are rated for 50,000 operations for gold contacts, while the M2B series features a rating of 100,000 operations minimum.

The M2T and M2B series are UL recognized and CSA certified with a flammability rating of UL94V-0. The M2T toggles and rockers are available with ratings of 6 A at 125 Vac, 3 A at 250 Vac, 3 A at 30 Vdc and 0.4 VA maximum at 28 Vac/dc maximum. The M2B pushbuttons can be specified with ratings of 1 A at 125 Vac, 1 A at 30 Vdc or 0.4 VA maximum at 28 Vac/dc maximum.

Each model can be specified single- or double-pole and are available in a variety of double-throw circuit configurations including momentary and maintained action. The mechanical life for toggles and rockers is 100,000 operations minimum, while pushbuttons offer a mechanical life of 200,000 operations minimum. The operating temperature range for all models is -30°C to +85°C.

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