Компания CSR предлагает Bluetooth микросхему BC5120 для потребительской электроники

В комплекте с программным обеспечением BCSM (BlueCore Session Manager), BC5120 предлагает разработчикам одно из самых экономичных и легко интегрируемых решений для цифрового ТВ, DVD плееров, игровых консолей и других потребительских продуктов.

CSR’s BC5120, together with BlueCore Session Manager (BCSM) software, provides the most cost effective and easy to integrate solution for digital TVs, hi-fis, DVD players handheld games consoles and other consumer products. CSR’s complete solution is available this quarter and includes BC5120, BCSM application software, a hardware development board and a software development kit (SDK).

The BC5120 IC features an embedded RISC processor and CSR’s on-chip Kalimba Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The powerful DSP enables designers to boost the functionality and performance of their products by adding superior audio enhancement and echo and noise cancellation technologies including CSR’s proprietary Clear Voice Capture (CVC). The flexible BC5120 device also integrates CSR’s FastStream, a low latency high-quality music and voice CODEC which significantly reduces the latency of the audio link to avoid «lip-sync» issues when listening to music or watching videos using Bluetooth headphones. CSR’s BC5120 supports Bluetooth v2.1+EDR of the Bluetooth specification for simple secure pairing and lower power consumption, also benefits from multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

Typically an application processor in a consumer electronics device is tailored to a specific task and does not have enough on-chip resource to run additional Bluetooth host software. CSR’s BC5120 with BCSM software is specifically designed to tackle this problem and offers a quicker and lower cost alternative to current stand alone Bluetooth chips. CSR’s BCSM software acts as a thin control layer to allow a main host processor to control the Bluetooth functions of BC5120 with minimum resource implications on the host. This solution does not change current product system architectures or processor and hence minimises cost of hardware re-design.

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