AS3932 – экономичный 3-канальный Wakeup ресивер от austriamicrosystems

Авестийская компания austriamicrosystems предлагает 3-канальный низкочастотный wakeup ресивер AS3932 с малым потреблением. Прибор имеет высокую чувствительность, работает в полосе частот 125 кГц, выпускается в 16-выводном корпусе TSSOP или QFN, может работать в диапазоне температур от –40 до 85°C. Основные области применения – активные RFID, системы позиционирования в реальном времени, идентификация оператора, контроль доступ или бесключевой вход.

austriamicrosystems AS3932 3D Low Power Wakeup Receiver

The AS3932, from austriamicrosystems, is a 3-channel low power low frequency wakeup receiver. The AS3932 offers high sensitivity and low current consumption. The AS3932 supports the 125 kHz band. The AS3932 is available in a TSSOP16 or a QFN (4×4) 16LD package and is suitable for operating environments ranging from -40 to +85°C. austriamicrosystems’ AS3932 wakeup receiver has three independent receiving channels enabling detection of a wakeup signal from any direction The received data can be correlated with a pattern that is programmed in the register preventing false wakeups. Primary target applications are active RFID, high-value asset tracking, real-time location systems, operator identification and access control or keyless entry.

AS3932 Features

  • 3-channel ASK wakeup receiver
  • Continuous data reception supported
  • Low power listening modes
  • High sensitivity at very low current consumption
  • One, two or three channel operation
  • Programmable wakeup pattern (16bits)
  • Single/double wakeup pattern detection
  • Wakeup without pattern detection supported
  • Adjustable sensitivity level
  • Periodical forced wakeup (1s – 2h)
  • Data rate adjustable from 0.5 — 4 kbps (Manchester)
  • Manchester decoding with clock recovery
  • Real-time monitoring of digital RSSI for each channel
  • Power down mode
  • RTC based on XTAL or internal RC-OSC

More information: austriamicrosystems

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