3-канальный преобразователь от Maxim обеспечивает оптимальное соотношение цены, качества и минимальных размеров

Компания Maxim Integrated Products выпустила [[3-канальный синхронный понижающий преобразователь]] MAX15003, который обеспечивает на каждом из выходов ток 15 А. Прибор предназначен для использования в высококачественных компактных источниках питания в сетевом оборудовании, серверах и средствах коммуникации. MAX15003 допускает регулировку предельного значения тока, выходного напряжения (до 0,6 В) и рабочей частоты (от 200 кГц до 2 МГц). [англ.]

The triple-output controller reduces the need for multiple ICs to produce three rails, and allows for a small, compact solution in space-constrained applications. In addition, since the device can operate at a high-switching frequency — up to 2.2 MHz — and 120 degrees out of phase, this reduces both the amount of input capacitance and the size of the inductor, and allows smaller passive components to be used.

To further reduce size and cost, the MAX15003 integrates sequencing and tracking control, which eliminates the need for an external discrete solution or reference input signal, and it offers the option of ratiometric tracking, coincident tracking, or sequencing for both power-up and power-down, said Maxim. Three power-good indicators and an integrated reset further reduce overall component count.

Each of the MAX15003’s PWM sections use a voltage-mode control scheme with external compensation to provide good noise immunity and maximum flexibility with a wide selection of inductor values and capacitor types. Each PWM section operates at the same, fixed switching frequency that is programmable from 200 kHz to 2.2 MHz. The switching frequency can easily be set with an external resistor or synchronized to an external clock signal by using the SYNC input. A logic-enable input for each controller turns each output on and off independently. Each controller also features a digital soft-start and soft-stop.

The MAX15003 is offered in a thermally enhanced 48-pin, 7×7-mm TQFN package, and is fully specified from -40°C to 125°C.

For a dual controller with tracking and sequencing, Maxim also offers the MAX15002.

Pricing: Starts at $3.52 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Product information: MAX15003


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